Long-term Interactive Multi-scenario Simulation

Welcome! LimSim is an easy-to-use, decision- & planning-oriented simulation software.

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Our Features

Long-term simulation

Generate background traffic flows using a prediction-decision-planning framework to support long-term, continuous microscopic traffic simulations.

Close-loop replay

When debugging the corner case, it supports the ego car to make decisions and re-plan the path, while the other car reacts to the new trajectory of the self car, enabling closed-loop debugging.

Decision & planning algorithm API

LimSim provides a complete interface for the prediction-decision-planning process, allowing the user to take over any part of the process and test ego's decision-planning algorithms.

Compliance with vehicle kinematic

Sampling-based vehicle path planning with strict vehicle kinematic constraints. Also takes into account the variety of driving behaviours to create a realistic background traffic flow.

City level map support

Supports city-level road network simulation with multiple road types including highway, ramps, junctions, roundabouts, etc.

Data log and analysis

All status information during the simulation is recorded in real time in the database for easy evaluation and analysis of scenarios and algorithms.